The Humble Food Company was formed in March 2020, with one main value proposition: To offer fresh and delicious western fusion meals at affordable prices.
Our journey began with 3 friends, who decided to work together in crafting delicious meals. Out of their love for food and passion to put a smile on peoples faces as well as their tummies, they set off to create The Humble Food Company.

Our Humble Values

Be Affordable

The Humble Food Company takes pride in serving only the highest quality of food at affordable prices thus allowing everyone to enjoy!

Be Humble

We believe that action speaks louder than words, and in this case, staying Humble in the work that we do. Modesty goes a long way, and its important that it comes through the working enviorment that we have built with our staff, the customers and especially the food that we make. Many of us, started from humble beginnings and we must remember the good things in life.

Be Fast & Fresh

No more than 20 minutes; that’s our goal. We understand how it feels to be hangry, and we promise that our customers, do not have to wait an eternity for their freshly cooked meals, that has been prepared with care and love.
The secret ingredient to good food is to use fresh ingredients! At The Humble Food, we only use fresh ingredients delivered to our outlets.

Be Together

At The Humble Food, no man is an island – not our staff, not our customers. We do not condone the culture of isolation. Instead, we believe that we can bind people together through food regardless of ethnicity and culture.

What the founders have to say…

Finance & Production Director

“We take great pride in ensuring the processing, packing, and storing operations are in compliance with the food safety standards, so that only the freshest and highest quality products are served to our customers.”

Sales, Marketing, and Communication Director

“What is The Humble Food Co. without its community? Here, we make sure that all of our customers’ voices are heard. No problems will be left unsolved, and no issues will be left without solutions. Your dining experience will always be our top priority, along with the qualities and prices of our food.”

Supply Chain and HR Director

“Being affordable is the trademark of The Humble Food Co. And to do that, we make sure that all goods are purchased at competitive rates. Given the current supply chain crisis, The Humble Food Co. will strive to ensure that all our products are available at each of our outlets.”

Happiness in the form of tasty food